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Therapeutic Massage

Relieve tight muscles, soreness and pain with a therapeutic massage. All treatments include an  assessment and customized modalities integrated to balance out the body. Pressure used is always determined by the client's tolerance and comfort .

Relaxation Massage

Flowing style of massage to promote general relaxation, this allows me to incorporate other modalities that are gentle but effective for overall calmness of the body.

Cupping Massage

Cupping can be used all over the body to treat any injury or restrictions, similar to therapeutic massage. The silicone, plastic or glass cups help reduce tension, increase mobility and help promote healing in injured areas. 

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Massages during all stages of your pregnancy, helps with muscle soreness and circulation. Using bolsters and body pillows for added comfort in any position for optimal benefit of the massage.


Combining a therapeutic /relaxation approach with focus on the structures of the neck and head to alleviate tension patterns. Treatment results in the reduction of symptoms related to headaches, dizziness, neck and shoulder tension. Goal of the  treatment is to assist in returning  the body to a functional state .

*Standard Pricing of $55 for 30 minutes, $100 for 60 minutes, & $150 for 90 minutes before GST.

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