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About Me

My name is Carla Feher, and I have been a  massage therapist for  15 years, I like to integrate many techniques together to offer an effective massage treatment for chronic and acute conditions. My  approach is to massage in a holistic way. I understand the connection between the body and mind and how stress can manifest in our body, not just our mind. 

I am a registered Massage therapist with  2200 hour educated and in good standing with NHPC, and the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. I have done extensive training to further assist my clients to better heal. I have an intuitive understanding of what a client needs. Proper home care helps speed up a client's recovery with longer lasting results, so I provide stretches and exercises that work best for you. Regular massage treatments are important in injury prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


I treat out of my home in Chelsea in Chestermere, catering to families and clients that are managing what life throws at them. I provide a cozy space where busy clients can relax and put the  world on hold. Whether you are having a headache or shoulder pain, you will get instant relief in my home studio. 

Preventing pain and injury with regular massage treatments is something I believe in. Through my own pain experiences, getting back to injury free to help others is my passion. I love what I do!

Back Massage

Education & Associations


Completed 2200 hour diploma

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CST 1 & 2, SRR 1 & 2 CSCN 1, & UMAC1

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Self Myofascail release, Myofascail release ball series. 

200 hr yoga training critical Alignment,  15 hrs Myofascail Movement training.

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Interoral TMJ L1, Advance OM  - Full body, Fascinating Decompress,  Dynamic Cupping, Self Care with critical Alignment, Practical rehab for the low back, Transforming pain with Neuroplasticity,  Holistic Nutrition  for musculoskeletal conditions, Advance hot stones, Myofascail trigger point U&L body.

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L1, L2 Myofascail Cupping 

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Upper, Lower & Core

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